Why are dancers smart?

Many dance students are successful in school.  Here at Conservatory, we have had four dancers graduate from their high schools as valedictorians.  A few of our dancers have also received substantial academic scholarships to Notre Dame, Purdue, and IU.  In addition, most of our dancers in middle school and high school are part of the National Honor Society.  Many of us know of the physical benefits of dance such as strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular; however, fewer of us realize that dance is also a work out for the brain.  With awareness of their bodies from the tips of their eyelashes to the tips of their toes, dancers use the “left brain” to understand how to move correctly.  Using expressive movement to share musical and artistic inspiration targets the “right brain”. During class and on stage dancers use the upper rear portion of the brain for spatial awareness.  The lower part of the brain is used to memorize class combinations and choreography for performances.  If your child studies dance, it should not surprise you that they are brilliant and excel at school.

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