Ballerina Blues

Your child has enjoyed dance lessons all year, and all of a sudden they announce they want to quit! The excitement of Nutcracker lingered through part of January but fizzled in February.  Dances have been set for the spring recital, but it feels so far away that dancers start to lose motivation.  The first semester had a bit of review, but the second semester feels like hard work as instructors teach new steps and challenge students.  Spring has arrived, and dancers are distracted.  They want to play outside with their friends, forgetting about their classmates at dance and the rapidly approaching recital.  Spring break has arrived. Just the break your dancer needs to refresh and get back on track.  Just a few more weeks to go. Performance day has arrived.  You congratulate your jubilant performer after the recital. Then your dancer shares her thoughts out loud, ” I wonder what part I’ll dance next year?”

While many dancers enjoy dancing all year, it is common for children between 6-12yrs to express a desire to quit their dance lessons between mid-March and the start of April.  Young dancers are often enthralled with performing on stage, and easily forget that to perform well they need to practice.  To adults, time flies by, but to a child, a May recital seems an eternity.  As adults, we can help young dancers learn small yet important life lessons.  Learning the importance of commitment and following through will produce many benefits throughout their lives.  For a dancer, the performance is often an amazing reward for their hard work during their weekly lessons.

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