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June is just around the corner!  Many dance studios offer an end of season performance celebrating their dancers and all they have learned and accomplished throughout the year.  To help busy parents, new dance parents, and young dancers taking on more responsibility we prepared a list to be prepared backstage! Not all items mentioned will be needed by all students.  We have a few items listed like scissors, sewing needles, and some hygiene products that young children should not have in their dance bags. Please use your best judgment when packing your dance bags before a performance.  Dancers often love making lists. I make lists for my lists as you’ll soon see!

  • Costumes
    • Ballet
    • Jazz
    • Modern
    • Tap
    • Other
  • Shoes
    • Ballet Slippers
    • Pointe Shoes
    • Jazz Shoes
    • Tap Shoes
    • Other
  • Undergarments
    • Tights
      • 2 Pairs Ballet Pink (a light pink that almost looks white to continue the line of ballet slippers, or sometimes a peachy pink to continue the line with pointe shoes)
      • 2 Pairs Black Capri Tights (often used for Modern or Jazz)
      • 2 Pairs Tan Tights (often used for Tap or Jazz)
      • 2 Pairs Other (Any other color needed for a specific costume that your teacher has requested)
        *It’s important to have a couple of pairs of tights as they do get snags and run easily.  If you don’t use the extras, save them for the next performance or use them in class!
    • Nude Leotard (for dancers performing in multiple dances with quick changes) *Try ordering from Discount Dance online or visiting your local dance store.

  • Headpieces
    • Ballet Headpiece (often included with the costume usually a flower or a bow) *Sometimes teachers will design custom headpieces to be borrowed.  Those are usually kept at the theater where the backstage teachers and chaperons place them before the dress rehearsals and performances.
    • Jazz Headpiece (sometimes included with the costume) *the teacher may ask for no headpiece or ask parents to find a specific alternate headpiece.
    • Tap Headpiece (often included with the costume usually a bow or sparkly accent that compliments the costume)  *Not all Tap Costumes have headpieces, or sometimes they do, but the teacher does not want to use them.
    • Modern Headpiece (sometimes included with the costume)  the teacher may ask for no headpiece or ask parents to find a specific alternate headpiece.
    • Other
  • Hair Kit
    • Ponytail holders preferably to match your dancer’s hair
    • Bobby pins to match your dancer’s hair *easily found in the drugstore hair product aisle
    • Hair Pins to match your dancer’s hair (especially if your dancer has a full head of thick hair) *The ones at the drugstore are often not strong enough for ballet buns.  Try ordering online from a source like Discount Dance. Bunheads makes good ones.
    • Hairnets to match your dancer’s hair *you can sometimes find them at the drugstore, always at Sally Beauty Supply, or online at a source like Discount Dance
    • HAIRSPRAY, HAIRSPRAY, HAIRSPRAY (find good stronghold hairspray)
    • Hair Gel (find a strong hold gel that works with wet hair)
    • Metal Snap Hair Clips to match your dancer’s hair (these don’t work for everyone, but can sometimes be easier than bobby pins to keep wispy hair in place)
    • Check with your teacher for hairstyle requested for your dancer’s performance.  Many teachers are flexible as long as the hair is swept up and out of the face. Some teachers require specific styles like a ballet bun, ponytail, side pony, or a twist!
  • Makeup Kit
    • Neutral Eyeshadow Palette: Base, Crease, Highlight
    • Brow Pencil: Light Brown, or Darker to match your brows (Blonds need a light brown or they look like they don’t have eyebrows on stage)
    • Light Pink Blush
    • Classic Red or Bright Ballet Pink Lipstick
    • Finishing Transparent Powder to set makeup and keep lipstick from smudging
      • Tweens and Teens may also need:
        • Mascara
        • Eyelash Curler
        • Black Eyeliner
        • Foundation
        • Face Primer (to help keep makeup on all day)
        • Lip Primer (to help keep lipstick from smudging and bleeding)
        • Eye Primer (to help keep eye makeup on all day and make colors pop)
        • Bronzer
        • Highlighter
        • Colorful Eyeshadow Palette for dances/costumes that require a more artistic makeup application
  • Personal Hygiene
    • Deodorant
    • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
    • Makeup Remover
    • Face Soap
    • Feminine Supplies
    • Disposable Razor
  • Sewing Kit (if old enough to handle needles and scissors)
    • Needles
    • Thread
      • Pink for pink ballet slippers and tights
      • Black for black ballet slippers and tights
      • Tan for tights
      • Other Color to match your costumes
    • Small Scissors
    • Safety Pins
    • Quilting Clips (help hold ribbons or elastic in place while sewing)
    • Seam Ripper (to remove stitches quickly if needed) *often the Wardrobe Mistress or Backstage Staff will have one in their sewing kits, but it can be convenient
  • Backstage Friendly Snacks
    • Water Bottle (Please Put First and Last Name on it!)
    • Sliced Veggies
    • Dried Fruit
    • Apple
    • Banana
    • Pretzels
    • White Cheese Crackers
    • In a cooler Baby Bell or String Cheese
    • White or Green Grapes
  • Backstage Friendly Entertainment
    • Reading
    • Journaling
    • Homework
    • Coloring
    • Quiet Card Games
    • Other Games With Minimal Pieces As Long As Players Can Keep Quiet
    • Tablet or Handheld Console On Mute As Long As Dancers Pay Attention to When They Need To Be Onstage  (Please note it is not okay to take pictures or talk with a cell phone, iPod, or other devices backstage.  A dance could accidentally be caught changing in the background. Talking loudly is distracting to others backstage.  Some schools may not allow electronic devices backstage)
    • Barre
    • Stretches
    • Conditioning Exercises
  • Warm-ups
    • Joggers, Yoga Pants, or Legwarmers to help keep muscles warm and tights clean
    • A zip Jacket or Hoodie (zip or button up is important to avoid needing to redo hair and makeup)
    • Ballet Booties, or Socks with non-slip grips (for walking around backstage, to keep feet and slippers clean, and dust off the stage)
    • Thera-Band, Small Massage Balls, Small Foam Roller or Foot Roller

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